I am not able to use my mobile data message me the data balance or the kind of recharge i have..but providing me with no solution or a chance to state my problem...also visited the nearby mobile zone... fetched myself nothing..tried restarting,Apn settings,talk time balance and the rest of the commonly applied techniques..still stuck with this problem..and when i inserted the sim in slot 2 i can gain access to 2G internet but nothing as such in sim 1 slot not even 3G when i have a recharge of 3G data...and yes..my phone is lenevo A6000 ..please do help me in this regard...last hope to get a solution for it here finally.... Thanking you

  • Ok..will try my luck this time..listen and i have tried to insert my sim in another mobile and can successfully access mobile data...but not in my phone (lenevo A6000)....so..it must be surely the problem of my phone... how can i resolve this problem againnn..my goodnessss! – Syedhaq Apr 16 at 8:51

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