I´ve bought a Boom 2 Bluetooth headset. I want to have my hands free while recording voice on my Android. Be able to walk without cable impediments. Videos are done in a PC, and audio I want to be able to record using the phone (Droid turbo . OS: Android 4.4.4).

But so far the audio quality is poor (even though I marked 44khz on the recording application: Voice Recorder Pro). I bought the Boom2 specifically for this kind of recording.

Is there a way to effectively record on Android 4.4.4 with High 44khz quality audio? thanks. enter image description here

  • Android doesn't have the capability to record directly from Bluetooth, nor does it have the ability to record calls except using the built in microphone. Call recording on Android is largely a thing of the past, with a few exceptions. – acejavelin Apr 15 at 19:20

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