got another issue in my hand...i wanted to disable my hotspot tethering because i honestly dont want anyone to use my data...the password changing trick has been far long too old...i have to forcefully reveal my password..when im asked...i dont want a hotspot tethering or i want to limit or manage the usage they make by my data....i have seen in certain recent mobile phones they have an option of data usage limit for hotspot as well mine phone is moto c and i have no such option.... can you please help....will be waiting... Thanking you

  • Is your phone rooted? – Irfan Latif Apr 16 at 2:40
  • Srry din get you.....rooted in the sense? – Syedhaq Apr 16 at 8:37
  • And moreover in my mobile (moto c) we can slide down the upper notifications bar and switch on the hotspot evn when the phone is locked.... i coudnt prevent hotspot usage by setting up a password to my phone also...lockscreen seems of no use to me in this regard... – Syedhaq Apr 16 at 8:47

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