Make and Model:
RCA Mercury 7L - RCT6773W22BM

Android Version:
Unknown, but research shows it was made in 2017.

Exact Issue: Tablet will power on. However, when it reaches the home screen all you see is the Wi-Fi and Battery Status Icons on the top bar. When you power off the device, the normal shutdown message appears with only the back button on the navigation bar appearing.

Work Carried it out so far:
I have booted the tablet into recovery mode and reset to factory settings. However, the following issues have popped up;

  • Wi-Fi Connection: The tablet can detect and connect to the Wi-Fi network, but says the connection fails when you test it.
  • A "Google Play Services has crashed" constantly pops up.
  • Unable to get past the part after the PIN has been set, unable to skip past it.

Following info comes from the Recovery Mode Screen: Android Recovery 1.2 RCT6773W22BM-ANDROID6.0-V06-V9.15.20-M12

That's as far as I have gotten. Unfortunately, I don't have that much experience with Android devices so I'm pretty unsure where to go from here, so any help or direction will be greatly appreciated.

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