I have a redmi note 6 pro, and have been noticing a cpu drain after installing custom roms. This issue persisted from Resurrection Remix to crdroid, and eventually I found the culprit through adb commands. I ran adb top, and found the bad process to be called "acsd". the problem is, I don't know what acsd stands for, and therefore I can't find out what to do to fix this problem. Can anyone tell me what it stands for, or how I might go about finding out what it is so i can squash it?

cpu usage picture

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    It runs as user root and has a strange process name - that is suspicious. You should check where the executable acsd is located (the path in file-system) and then download it from your device to a PC. On your PC submit the executable to VirusTotal and open it with an hex editor (or the stringscommand) and search for strings to identify the potential purpose of the executable. – Robert Apr 16 '19 at 18:09

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