Have a Samsung J3 2017 (SM327). About a week ago, noticed that incoming & outgoing calls going to/from someone in my Contacts only shows the number, not the Contact name, so I often have no idea who's calling me. But when I hang up and look in the Recent call log, the Contact name shows up correctly there. I have tried every permission, every setting possible. Spent an hour with an ATT tech - nothing. Did a factory restore - nothing. Took it to a Samsumg authorized serviced center and had it completely reflashed. Fixed the prob for 2 days, then reappeared. Any info?


Found out source of problem. It was ATT Call Protect app. Disabled app and issue solved.



  • get a new phone :-P

  • another app is handling the calls and lacks permission, could be yours or a virus. maybe try uninstalling/deactivating all apps until you find it. or start from scratch with the factory reset, add apps and check

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