When I use the google assistant "Bedtime" routine, I have it do a few things and one of those is to ask me what time I want to set the alarm. My mornings are pretty free, so my alarm can vary.

Normally with an alarm, you can set it to play your "Good Morning" routine when you dismiss your alarm. However, this doesn't appear to work with my "Bedtime" routine alarm, it simply creates a new alarm without that setting. The only way to set a routine when i dismiss the alarm is to set one in the clocks app.

What I would like to do is simply say "Bedtime", do my bedtime routine, and when I dismiss my alarm in the morning, I would like it to play my "Good Morning" routine, so that I don't have to speak or press anything else. And I want this to be part of the alarm I set every night. Is that something that is possible out of the box?

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