I have the Nokia 8.1 with Android 9.0 (Pie), and I am having troubles with Whatsapp. I want to turn off group app notifications (especially the vibrations and sounds), but I want to keep the notifications for personal messages. I chose these options within Whatsapp but it doesn't work. The vibrations only got less intense.

How can I get the notifications for groups in Whatsapp stop?

I have tried the following:

Here are my settings, in dutch unfortunately. Groepen means groups, and uit equals off.

I also tried it via the Android setting under Apps and notifications -> notifications, but these turn back on automatically. Again, dutch: Groepsberichten is group messages.

I found a third option, where I can kill all vibrations for calls and messages (under Accessibility -> Vibrations) but this is too much. I would like to know if someone calls me or sends me a messages via another app.

Is this a known problem? And is the an alternative way to get this to work?

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