My GBWHATSAPP became obsolete & I couldn't access it anymore to be able to do a proper backup and it was equally challenging to update it directly from the app. After several trials, I uninstalled it and installed a different version I downloaded from a site on the internet. Now, the challenge is to restore my data. When tab on RESTORE they b tell me "No backup in my SD card". I checked in my Google drive, but couldn't find the backup. I've attached a picture to show the backup that is shown there. It's an old (as of Oct 2018) & the phone backup. How do I restore my data, please? I really don't want to lose it.enter image description here


Your problems is challenging,hence why no ones brave enough to reply..i might gives 100% wrong advice here,but give me a try.

I just stupidly removed my gbwhatsapp because i wanted to download a new version(the antiban 7.0.0) but it says no backup in sd cards,and i freaked out because i love to keep my messages,went through some indian vids(lol) and found the answers,not like i know indian language anyway

*This is from gbwhatsapp to official whatsapp,but i believe the process is the same as its all located in your phone data

The trick here is you just have to transfer your gbwhatsapp database folder/files to your normal whatsapp folder,but i will give the steps

Following the instructions

1.Download the normal whatsapp,restore it like usual,and then backup it like normal in the chat backup.

At this point,you will only see your OLD chat that you last saved using the official whatsapp before going to gbwhatsapp

2.Go to your local files in your phone,find gbwhatsapp file>database and find your LAST backup chat( if its the only folder,thats the one..but if it has like 10 folders,the bottom one is your last backup)..mine is called msgstore.db.crypt12

3.Copy/move(copy is preferable) that folder to whatsapp>database

4.Go to apps>whatsapp>clear data and then verify your number like usual Then all your chats that you last backup in gbwhatsapp will be restored..

If you need vids help,search how to backup gbwhatsapp messages to normal messages working 100% by AB Tech in youtube

I believe you could do the same if you wanted to keep using gbwhatsapp..just transfer your old gbwhatsapp database to the new one,and the problems would be solved..this is theoretically,as i have never done it

I dont like using the gbwhatsapp anymore as it risks me losing all my backup data as it was not saved through google drive,it was saved only in your local files..so if you lose your phone and didnt backup all your files,you lose all your backup you made with gbwhatsapp..sure its no problemo if you backup your files into pc by using hisuite/samsung suite/sony suite whatever brand,but i prefer it being stored in google drive(cloud)

*just wanna inform you that the gbwhatsapp backup is not saved into google drive,only into the internal files of your phone,so you can really screw yourself there

hope that helps,and sorry if its a bit long...

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