To start off let me list my devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 - Used to purchase the game
  • Amazon Fire Tablet HD 10 - Google Play sideloaded
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
  • PC/Laptop

About 24 hours ago I purchased Stardew Valley from the Google Play Store on my Galaxy S5, I installed the game and it can find on the S5, if I go to play.google.com on my PC and look at Stardew Valley, it shows up as purchased. But on both my Galaxy Tab and Fire Tablet it shows as not purchased. If I click on buy it takes me all the way up to the verification procedure where I stopped because I don't the way to buy it a second time. Is there a reason it won't show up on my other devices? A restart doesn't fix it. Do I just need to give it more time?

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