I have an Evo running with very default settings. How can I force the home screen (Which I believe to be running Sense UI if I'm not confused) to be in landscape format. I use my kickstand all the time, and it's a pain to tilt my head to look at the home screen.

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The factory implementation doesn't support landscape. (When you configure the background, you get a hint about this from the dimensions of the image).

Lanscape mode would require a custom ROM.


I know you mentioned Sense UI but you could use LauncherPro which has the ability to auto-rotate the homescreen. Personally I believe LauncherPro is a far better implemented launcher than Sense.

If you purchase LauncherPro Plus you'll get 90% of the Sense UI widgets anyway but also you'll get an increase in speed and stability.


LauncherPro QR Code

  • This is exactly what I've been using the last few weeks. I don't like it near as well as Sense, but it does rotate, which is the biggest deal to me of all. I just don't understand why Sense on the Evo doesn't rotate automatically - like the Epic.
    – Jeffrey
    Nov 1, 2010 at 13:18

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