I recently came in the possession of a Pixel 2 that will not boot and instead displays the following error (see the image below for more details):

ERROR: Slot Unbootable: Load Error

Bootloader error on my Pixel 2

The friend that gave this to me said that this just happened overnight, my guess is that the phone tried to install a bootloader update and messed up in the middle of it...

After extensive online searched I've come to the conclusion that the phone is, to some extent, bricked. The reason is that the bootloader is locked, which prevents any of the adb or fastboot commands to work (they pretty much always respond with "can't act on a locked device"), thus I can't even change the active bootslot, never mind flash a new image to it.

My question for the community is this: if one is willing to go to great lengths to unbrick the phone (taking apart, desoldering, etc.) what is my best option for, say, flashing a new bootloader or changing the bootslot? I'm doing this as a learning exercise, so no suggestion is out of bounds, regardless how outlandish it might sound.

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