We just had a massive problem in our company that all android tablets that are with our clients stopped working, we don't have time to recall them but we find out that changing to a newer firmware using Odin makes things working again.

Having our non-tech-savy clients download Odin, put the android in download mode and do the flashing proccess is not ideal, is there any alternative way we can try to do this? Any ideas on how to approach having your client flash his device to a specific firmware? The androids aren't rooted.

  • None? Considering that Odin and Download Mode are proprietary and aren't meant for consumers in the first place (they're for recovering devices at service centers), it's pretty friendly already if you ask me. The biggest hurdle is finding a suitable firmware, all other steps can all be unambiguously described. – Andy Yan Apr 26 at 13:23

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