this question is about CLIR (calling line identification restriction).
on a mobile device you can "globally" enable or disable CLIR.

per default i want to block my caller ID transmission.
but for some of my contacts (such as "friends and family") i want to transmit my ID.
so they know it's me calling them ...

on the web i have found the the following workaround:

  • let's say i have an address book entry "Mum" with phone number +44 123 45678
  • then i shall globally enable CLIR on my phone (so my ID is not getting submitted)
  • and then change Mum's phone number to *31#+44 123 45678

for simple phone calls this works fine.
but sending text messages (SMS) from my samsung phone to that number fails!
and also the call history is broken.
and probably whatsapp contacts and alike will fail, too.


are there any solutions?
did nobody actually think about implementing such an adressbook feature to transmit the caller ID for certain contacts only?


additional keywords:
GSM USSD Codes, Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, sometimes referred to as "Quick Codes" or "Feature codes".

this question is not only restricted to android. for iphone i have also not found any solution.

  • Adding a second phone number for SMS would be the simplest approach. – Izzy Apr 27 at 12:47

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