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After I copy text in emulator I want to get this text in adb shell

I found a reference:

// API < 11
static final int TRANSACTION_getClipboardText 1
static final int TRANSACTION_hasClipboardText 3
static final int TRANSACTION_setClipboardText 2
// API >= 11
static final int TRANSACTION_setPrimaryClip = 1
static final int TRANSACTION_getPrimaryClip = 2
static final int TRANSACTION_getPrimaryClipDescription = 3
static final int TRANSACTION_hasPrimaryClip = 4
static final int TRANSACTION_addPrimaryClipChangedListener = 5
static final int TRANSACTION_removePrimaryClipChangedListener = 6
static final int TRANSACTION_hasClipboardText = 7

And I did service call clipboard 1

root@iX101T1:/ # service call clipboard 1
service call clipboard 1
Result: Parcel(
  0x00000000: fffffffc 00000069 00740041 00650074 '....i...A.t.t.e.'
  0x00000010: 0070006d 00200074 006f0074 00690020 'm.p.t. .t.o. .i.'
  0x00000020: 0076006e 006b006f 00200065 00690076 'n.v.o.k.e. .v.i.'
  0x00000030: 00740072 00610075 0020006c 0065006d 'r.t.u.a.l. .m.e.'
  0x00000040: 00680074 0064006f 00270020 006e0069 't.h.o.d. .'.i.n.'
  0x00000050: 00200074 006e0061 00720064 0069006f 't. .a.n.d.r.o.i.'
  0x00000060: 002e0064 006f0063 0074006e 006e0065 'd...c.o.n.t.e.n.'
  0x00000070: 002e0074 006c0043 00700069 00610044 't...C.l.i.p.D.a.'
  0x00000080: 00610074 0067002e 00740065 00740049 't.a...g.e.t.I.t.'
  0x00000090: 006d0065 006f0043 006e0075 00280074 'e.m.C.o.u.n.t.(.'
  0x000000a0: 00270029 006f0020 0020006e 00200061 ').'. .o.n. .a. .'
  0x000000b0: 0075006e 006c006c 006f0020 006a0062 'n.u.l.l. .o.b.j.'
  0x000000c0: 00630065 00200074 00650072 00650066 'e.c.t. .r.e.f.e.'
  0x000000d0: 00650072 0063006e 00000065          'r.e.n.c.e...    ')

I tried other indexes from 1-7 the clipboard not changed. I read this question from StackIverflow but installing additional .apk is not a solution for me


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This answer from StackOverflow should be hepful. It requires to use of the input command and keyevent.

adb shell input keyevent 279

For older Android versions until 9, you can read the clipboard with the command line using an app like https://github.com/PRosenb/AdbClipboard.

You don't need to use the Python script, you can directly install Adb Clipboard from Google Play at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ch.pete.adbclipboard.

Then you can use this command to read the clipboard with or without adb (command taken from the Python script):

am broadcast -n ch.pete.adbclipboard/.ReadReceiver

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