When addressing a text message to multiple recipients, my phone (Messages app) is set to "Send an SMS reply to all recipients and get individual replies (mass text)" and does indeed do that when I send a group text on my phone. This is what I require. I do not want to send a "group MMS".

And "Messages for Web" also states that:

Each recipient will receive an SMS message from you
Replies will appear in individual conversations

Which, again, is what I require.

However, the "Send" button on the web interface always changes to "MMS" when addressing a text message to multiple recipients. And indeed, multiple MMS are sent! The Messages app on the phone correctly shows "SMS" and indeed sends multiple SMS, which is the intended action.

Screenshot from "Messages for Web":

Messages for Web - screenshot

Corresponding screenshot from the Messages app on the phone:

Messages app on the phone - screenshot

How can I get the web interface to send a "mass (SMS) text"? There does not seem to be any settings relating to this, that I can find, on the web interface. All settings are on the phone.

Is this a "bug" with the web interface?

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