Is there a log with this info? I know proc shows the ones opened at the moment but I need to see the ones that are already close

  • I don't think there is a log. Go for packet sniffing instead to create history. What information do you need e.g. port number, uid? – Irfan Latif Apr 30 '19 at 1:04
  • i want to know which socket is being used by a certain port, i want the inode of the network socket of a given port. tcpdump did not provide me this information. Maybe /proc/net/nf_confftrack may do it tho. My problem is that the socket is not displayed in /proc/net/udp but it is displayed in netstat plus as a udp connection in port 5353 – mranon May 1 '19 at 21:05
  • thanks for the ss bin btw, unfortunaly there really seems to be no socket for these connections, since confftrack do display info about the connections and sockstats shows 0 sockets inuse. Confftrack displays a weird connection between a google ip with an "unavaliable" one: "" – mranon May 1 '19 at 23:10
  • I wanted the sockets because with them I could write a code to search for the processes and kill them automatically – mranon May 1 '19 at 23:18
  • I'm not a programmer, so can't get into much details, but in my case results from ss, netstat and /proc/net/{tcp*,udp*} for ipv4, ipv6, listening and connected sockets, all are same as expected. – Irfan Latif May 2 '19 at 10:10

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