I have found that my LG FH2 speaker uses the A2DP profile protocol: http://gscs-b2c.lge.com/downloadFile?fileId=gQHBfK7s0ZXFVKL7CatPeA

...whereas my Android phone is unable to get connected to it, since it has a different profile AVRCP: https://source.android.com/devices/bluetooth/services

Please note I am not trying to make my phone an audio sink, only audio gateway is totally fine for me.

¿How can I install, push, hack, or sideload via ADB such an A2DP Bluetooth profile so I can connect my mobile to my speaker?

Edit: it's a Redmi Note 5 global version (model M1803E7SH Latin America)


The Bluetooth profiles are an integral part of the Android system installed on your device (like a driver). Therefore usually you can't "install" or "update" the Bluetooth profiles.

Therefore you have only two possibilities:

  1. Buy a different speaker that supports a Bluetooth profile your phone supports.

  2. Search the Internet if there is a different ROM available for your phone that has A2DP support.

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