iOS users can use portrait mode to upload 3D Facebook photos. This uses a depth map + 2D photo to work.

PC users can do it by naming the files *.jpg & *_depth.jpg and uploading them as a a pair.

Google Pixel phones (and others with ports, see https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/android/google-camera/ ) can autogenerate a depth map with the Lens Blur camera mode, which can be tested on http://depthy.me

HTC Evo 3D phones have stereo Side by Side pair, which can be converted to a depth map with Stereo Photo Maker on Windows

How can one upload a 3D photo to Facebook from Android?

  • Google recommends to place depth map in XMP data which then can be embedded into the JPEG image. However I don't know which apps and/or online services support such images.
    – Robert
    May 1 '19 at 11:34
  • Take Lens Blur photo in Google camera (ports work)
  • Upload to depthy.me just to split depth map (optionally edit it)
  • Use file manager to rename files to *.jpg and *_depth.jpg
  • Use Firefox Request Desktop Site to load main Facebook new feed page
  • Upload them one at a time (both together crashes)
  • Post and view in main Facebook app also works in dolphin


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