Why do I have two Termux applications, and what's the difference? This happened recently, after updating Termux I believe. I've installed Termux from F-Droid, and it mentions (failsafe) in the application name there. Cannnot see that in the Play Store.

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Termux (failsafe) is shown on the app drawer since the last update. When you update Termux to the latest version, it is also shown.

From this comment from what is Termux (failsafe)?:

We have made sessions auto-closeable, see #988 for more information.

Auto-closeable sessions may put application into "denial-of-service" condition if user will mess with files like .bashrc - in such case access to files on internal storage will be completely lost. Thus we had to create a separate icon.

It's very unlikely that we will remove it. Easy access to failsafe shell is mandatory but unfortunately there no other reliable variants that will work on all Android versions.

Also based in this comment in Termux github:

This creates a limited shell using only the Android system tools.

If for whatever reason Termux is unable to start, then use Termux failsafe.

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    Thanks. According to this it won't be removed either, annoying. At least I have Nova Launcher to hide app icons.
    – SSS
    May 1, 2019 at 15:13
  • Yes, for now one can only hide it or remove Termux (which is not a good solution). May 1, 2019 at 15:15

It's just like recovery mode feature for your termux environment see : Termux Wiki



  • A noob dude just decided to change his default termux shell to fish instead of bash
  • easiest solution he came up with is to add these lines to .bashrc[../usr/etc/bash.bashrc]
  • it worked ...
  • for some reason he don't like fish, he uninstalled/removed it
  • and closed termux [wihout changing the contents of .bashrc]
  • next time he opened termux, he see this,
The program fish is not installed. Install it by executing:
 pkg install fish

[Process completed (code 127) - press Enter]

Now, to fix this,

He either need to edit .bashrc or install fish again

For this, we need a shell that doesn't run .bashrc

Failsafe mode is the easiest helpful thing now

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