I have a Sony Xperia Z3 which does not start. This means whenever I press the power button nothing happens (no visual change, no sound). I'd like to access the data on the phone and thus I'd like to find out more about possible issues with the phone.

I tried to charge the battery for quite some hours. The right indicator is on, but the phone does not start. So I removed the battery and wanted to check if the phone starts just with the charger. Also here the red indicator is on, but nothing more happens. The phone itself has no visible damage.

After I removed the battery I also removed the motherboard and checked it for visual damage. From the outside everything looked OK. However I have no magnifying glass or measuring tools to check it more in depth.

Is there something else I could check? What are possible issues which stop the phone from starting? Is there a possibility to get the data from the phone?

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