I recently set up a wireless home networking system at a friend's home.

Everything works great, except that an Android LG G4 cell phone sometimes cannot access the internet even though Android reports that it is connected to WiFi.

The problem is sporadic: about half the time when it connects to their WiFi, it can access the internet, and about half the time, it cannot. Using cellular data, it always works.

This LG G4 had no difficulties connecting to their router in their previous home.

What I've tried:

  1. I deleted the WiFi connectoid within Android, and recreated it. That didn't help.
  2. I looked at the router's logs. No problems reported. It shows the LG G4 is connecting properly.
  3. I tried rebooting the LG G4. Sometimes that helps, sometimes it doesn't.
  4. I tried disabling and then re-enabling WiFi on the LG G4. Sometimes that helps, but only occasionally.
  5. I tried going directly to a website by using it's IP address (thus bypassing DNS). That didn't help.
  6. I tried testing internet availability using several different web browsers and the Google Play store. That didn't help.

What other trouble-shooting steps can I take to get the LG G4 to consistently have internet access when it is connected to WiFi?

(BTW, I read some similar questions, but none referenced LG devices, and none tried all the troubleshooting steps I have already taken.)

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