I have a Synology NAS server that has a L2TP/IPSec PSK VPN Server running. I used to connect to it with my Android phone (Version 7) (and previously with my iPhone) just fine. Whether I was on 4G or on a Wifi, it always connected without problems.

I have recently replaced my Android phone with a new one (Huawei P30 Pro) that runs on Android 9. The strange thing here is, that I can connect to the VPN when I am on a 4G network, but when I try to connect to the VPN when I am on a Wifi connection, it does not work and comes back with an unsuccessful message.

I am pretty confident that it is not the Wifi network, as I can still connect to the VPN with my old phone side-by-side, but the new one is not working.

Is there any way to troubleshoot the VPN connection to figure out where the problem is? Is there any log files I can check on the phone? Or do you have any hints why that could be?

Thanks for any hints.

  • Have you tried it with different networks? – GFTA May 2 '19 at 11:48
  • Yes, I have tried the same in two different Wifi networks. – Matth May 3 '19 at 3:54
  • Matth, have you solved your problem? I am facing the same problems. – Caaarlos Apr 6 '20 at 18:24
  • I gave up on L2TP/IPSec. I managed to get it to work with OpenVPN. – Matth Apr 12 '20 at 7:41

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