Recently, i cleared my data because i couldn't download anything. Nothing bad happened, no crashes or anything. But there is one problem. All my in-app purchases for games and apps doesn't seem to work anymore. I didn't get my money back either, it' like they are asking you to pay again to make it work. Please help me. :(

screenshots (click to enlarge)

  • There's no such thing as "unclear data": you can't get back a paper you just burned. But in-app purchases are normally bound to your Google account (the money has been withdrawn from there, has it not?) and hence not be affected even by a factory reset. I'd recommend asking the dev of the corresponding app. – Izzy May 4 at 10:51
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    Try to delete and re-install the app(s) you already did in-app purchases. After an re-install the app should recognize that you already have purchased certain features and unlock them. If not contact the app developer. – Robert May 4 at 12:10

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