Almost every time I connect my phone to my PC apps auto-reinstall in the background. I say "auto-reinstall" rather than "auto-update" because the versions aren't changing.

Auto-update is disabled but logcat indicates the apps are being auto-updated:

root@android:/ # logcat -v long *:V | grep -C 1 "Requesting install" [ 05-05 13:30:27.732 5687: 5687 I/Finsky ] [1] khl.a(2): Requesting install request=package_name=com.example.app, version=123, priority=3,reason=auto_update, account_name=[xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx], type=0, constraints=((REQ_CHARGING, REQ_GEARHEAD_PROJECTION_OFF, NETWORK=UNMETERED, PROVISIONING_STATE=PROVISIONED, ),)

no auto-update

Why does this happen? How do I stop it?


This is hardly a satisfactory solution, but I've taken to freezing the Google Play Store app (pm disable com.android.vending) except for when I explicitly need to use it (I also use Yalp Store and APKGrabber for updating apps).

  • +1 I followed same route after I couldn't bear the annoyances from Google play :) May 12 '19 at 20:11

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