I am facing strange issue. I transfer files from mi note 7 to win10 pc over usb connection.

  1. among several files there were files named i and l. The contents of the files is what i want it to be in the phone, but when i copy files to pc, file l also has same content as file i. both file i and file l have same contents

  2. i tried transferring files over ftp using mi drop - after transferring files, i modified the files in mobile and then transferred again, the content of the files remains the old content

  3. I deleted all files from pc and transferred again, still the content on files in pc is old content - updated content is not transferred to pc rather old content is transferred.

I am unable to trace out the cause - can anyone suggest reliable way of transferring files from pc to note 7 and vise-versa

  • The folder to which i am copying file is a git repo. Does that cause any issue? – m__ May 6 at 5:50

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