I am not sure I am using the proper terms, therefore I will exemplify them with screenshots. Please help me improve my terminology if I am wrong.

(I'm not sure Browser which always allows scale/zoom? is about the same topic, as I don't grasp the meaning of terms like " viewport metatag parameters user-scalable" and "meta viewport tag".)

Taking a Wikipedia page:

enter image description here

Simply zooming it - whether with forced zoom enabled or not - would give this (like in Chrome), where the font size appears larger but the text body is not seen in its entirety, as it doesn't fit the screen:

enter image description here

while what I would like to see would be this - what I call text fit or text wrap, where the font is enlarged without losing the entirety of the text body, which in this case fits the screen:

enter image description here

I know this is available in Opera. I would like to know what other browsers have this feature.


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I will also try to answer my question - and update the answer if possible.

Beside Opera, which seems to provide this by default, I have seen this working in the Yandex browser, but not by default. I has to be enabled under Settings - Text zoom and auto-fit. (It also has a feature that I personally like, of sliding horizontally across the scren to switch tabs.)

UC Browser has this text-fitting feature by default. (Another interesting feature it has is that sliding horizontally across the screen would navigate within the same tab to previously visited pages: left-to-right=Go back one page; righ-to-left=Go forward one page.)

Samsung Internet Browser does it too, but the font size has to be set manually in settings (it won't re-fit the page by simply zooming).

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