I want to view wi-fi connection history on my Android phone. Specifically, I want to know which networks the phones was connected to & disconnected from & when.

Edit: My phone is a Nexus 5x (OS is flexible) but I'm interested in this answer for any phone/OS that there's a solution to.

  • I've tried "adb logcat -v threadtime ConnectivityService:* *s" but am not quite getting what I'm looking for – kayk May 8 at 0:59
  • To my knowledge, Android does not log any of that information outside of the normal logcat, if you are not getting the information you need from there, you likely won't get it. – acejavelin May 8 at 3:39
  • I may be getting the correct information from logcat, but it's dumping so much data that I can't find what I'm looking for. Any suggestions? I tried searching for the wifi connection name that I connected to in the logs but didn't get any results. – kayk May 8 at 18:06

Just go to settings Wifi>advanced>manage networks

  • Which phone and Android version are you using? I don't have such a setting in OnePlus 6. – Firelord May 8 at 5:05
  • 2
    Please be aware of your providing answers that are device-specific, or even OS-version specific. My Samsung S8 has this available, but not my earlier device. I run the latest OS, but this could also be the reason for the earlier device's lack. – wbogacz May 8 at 14:09

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