My partner was changing the supplier of our router downstairs. I didn't know he was. I was upstairs and started using my Android smmartphone, I presssed the Whatsapp app to use it , and it disappeared from the desktop of my smartphone. My smartphone is called IMO Q2 - I bought it in Tesco for a budget deal for Christmas. Unfortunately now it won't seem to load any other App when i tried that too. I have done all the common fix tips like clear cache and clear data from my settings > apps> playstore app. I restarted the phone a lot of times and tried these fix tips a lot of times, all to no avail. Until now i didn't think to try another app the same, but it will do download 100% for both, but then cvomes up with message for both : Cannot install Whatsapp try again, or see the link for common problems, which I did. Our router downstairs is fully working with new provider but don't know if this was what caused it. Oh I did forget to say, that initially the App was in the shortcuts page on my phone, but i thought i should uninstall it properly so i did, then i thought i'd be able to simply re-install it as easy as it was when i first did. This has proved to be impossible so far, nor any other Apps now, so what could it be, an error of this kind? Can anyone help?. Please.

  • Have you tried sideloading whatsapp apk and installing it instead of from playstore, it might be that the router is blocking access to playstore ! – Harsh Gundecha May 11 at 5:06

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