There are no problems downloading games and apps that are less than 100mb. But if i download apps that are more than 1gb, i tend to leave it downloading overnight. By morning, I checked my phone expecting the downloads to be finished already, but it didnt show up in the installed apps. Its like it wasnt downloaded in the first place. So I tested downloading it on daytime, around 60%, the download stopped, only showing "waiting for wifi" so i pressed it, and the download started from 0% again. So I waited for the second time, after an hour, I checked my phone again and the download is around 70%. So I just stood staring at my phone waiting for something to happen. Few moments later, the download just disappears (for absolutely no reason, and the download isnt even finished yet), only showing the install button again. I pressed it and the download starts from 0% again. My storage is 128gb and only 30% full, so storage isnt an issue. I tried clearing the cache and reseting the playstore to the factory version, but to no avail. Pls help.

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    What you don't mention is probably important, especially in the overnight case. Does the display time out during the operation? If so, the WiFi can also sleep, and keeping the connection live is paramount. You may have to keep the display (and wifi) awake manually during the whole operation by touching to prevent sleep. Some settings suggestions: Some devices allow for the WiFi to remain live even if display times out. Also check WiFi power management. – wbogacz May 10 at 3:36

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