I previously used an e8372 wingle to connect to the internet. Problem was its webui did not show the rssi (I need it to find the best signal spot for the modem - I live in the bush, poor reception) as well it has a hacked firmware (never know how else they tempered with). So I researched and got the optus e5573 because it shows rssi values in the webui! One problem solved, new problem arose. :/ Problem is now, this webui has no ussd ability! I use ussd every day several times, I can't do without! So again I researched and found out you can send ussd commands with AT commands. Now my question is, is there a way how I can execute those commands on android? Is it only possible via computer and putty? I don't think so but I have no clue how to do that. Terminal, termux? How to do that? What are the commands? How to connect to my mifi modem?

I want to execute AT+CUSD=1,"*101#",15 on my e5573 modem with my phone over wifi.

Does someone know how to do that?

Very very much appreciate your help!

Looking forward for your reply

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