First of all, sorry if this question doesn't belong here, I wanted to ask on meta if I coudld answer this, but I'm unable to. Anyway I think it fits more here than in stackoverflow. If it's not the case, I'll move it there.

Point is that I'm developing an Android app and on the Android emulator with Android Pie version, it happens that, once I get to run some Android services from my app the terminal seems to block any services that might happen later.

I've checked that this is due to that the emulator enters doze mode once those first services are run, as if I make the needed operation to bypass the mode (allowing full use of the battery to my app, as also seen in the same page I'm previously linking), then the services are run with no problems.

What I find very strange is that even when the user is using the phone that doze mode is happening, seemingly the whole time until device restarts, so I wonder is this might be some type of emulator bug.

To answer this question it just would be needed that someone would check in a physical device with Android Pie, if a service run by some app always executes with the device being active, without having done the mentioned change in app's battery management, or find the documentation that explicitly defines this (I'm not able to).

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