I have a Dragon Touch table and for some reason the power and volume buttons are not working properly. When it is on the button is useless and fails to work completely. when off the button sometimes works, mostly when im holding all the buttons. (volume buttons and power.) I know its charged because when i plug it in it displays ,for example, that it is charging at 38%. then it turns off again.

When I looked at other sites they didn´t help much. Thy had other issues but none relating to my question in bold.

So if you know what is wrong with it and/or how to fix it then please help.
(The Volume is fine but the buttons fail.)

(Also as a side note, The entire bottom couple of centimeters on my screen are not working. I have an app that displays your touches and the touches are being registered on the end of the glitch area closest to were I touched it. This is not part of the main question but I would like to know if this can be fixed as well.)

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