I have a Cricket branded LG Lisio that has been unlocked.

It may be called a model C50, given its bluetooth name

I am trying to use it with a new SIM in Europe, and it works as a phone.

But it refuses to do data.

A warning keeps popping up

Attention YOu have lost data connectivity because you have left your home network and data roaming is turned off

Now on normal LG phones, the settings check box for "Data Roaming" is right underneath the "Mobile Data entry"

BUt its not there on this phone. There is nothing between "Mobile Data" and "Access Point Names"

I fear Cricket has crippled the data roaming feature in their customied firmware.

Is there a secret menu or some other way to enable data roaming?


More information

This begins to look like purposeful behavior on the part of Cricket's customization.

With the Cricket SIM in the phone, the 'Data Roaming' option exists and cn be checked.

With a non-Cricket SIM the option disappears.

If you install the Cricket SIM, set the option then switch back to the other SIM, the phone looks like it has internet for a bit. The new Service provider even sends a SMS to update the APN. The poof, it crashes again. If one puts Cricket SIM back in, the Data Roaming option reappears in settings, set to OFF

So it really seems like although Cricket wil give you an unlock code, really its not unlocked. They tie features to the presence of a Cricket SIM.

Maybe I'll mosey to Legal stackexchange is ask if the FCC might have a problem with this behavior in connection with regard to regulations to unlock handsets.

Absent maybe usng after-market firmware, or maybe an app the forces that bit on over and over, I am probably stuck

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