I like to regularly backup my data partition using TWRP. I noticed once I enable my fingerprint screenlock, TWRP is unable to access my data partition because Android 8.0 encrypts it from the moment I set a lockscreen password (obligated when I enable fingerprint lockscreen). For the moment "preserve force encryption" is off in Magisk. Can I take the risk and enable my fingerprint screenlock now? Or will it encrypt my data partition again? I don't want to format my data again and reinstall everything. My bootloader is unlocked and my phone is a Samsung SM-G935E

  • It is probable your device is already encrypted, but without a screen unlock authentication set by you TRWP uses the default Android password, thus, making you believe setting screen lock authentication encrypts data. Verify first whether device is encrypted or not. – Firelord May 16 at 15:13
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    "preserve force encryption" is off and "settings -> security -> encrypt device" is available. anything else I can check? – Kleajmp May 16 at 15:19
  • Your device (S7 edge) should be encrypted by default. Therefore as Firelord it is more a question of the password used for encryption. Usually TWRP should be able to access your data if provided with the PIN/password. Therefore you should try to set a simple PIN. Afterwards TWRP should ask for it and you can again make a backup. – Robert May 16 at 18:00
  • I remember I did a format of my data partition because my device was in a bootloop and I couldn't access the data partition with twrp. Is it possible that TWRP cannot decrypt or does not ask for a password on Samsung S7 edge devices? As it never did with me in previous installs. How can I check if my device is encrypted now? It is not in a default state and is running TheGalaxyProject with Magisk pre-installed. – Kleajmp May 17 at 10:53

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