I have a Lenovo Mirage Solo VR headset and I want to play gamecube games on it. I installed the Dolphin emulator and everything seems to work perfectly. Except for one thing... I can't find a way to disable the virtual gamepad that is displayed in front of the screen. A regular android device just needs to be swiped down from the top and then click the configure button from the available options to turn off the virtual gamepad. This method isn't working for the Mirage Solo.

I tested on my phone turning the virtual gamepad on and off and then checking the files to see if there is any differences, but after comparing only two files are changed after running the game and changing the settings. After copying the two files with the settings for the virtual gamepad turned off and overwriting the files with the settings turned on nothing happens. My guess is that these two file in the dolphin.emu folder were just changed after I ran the game again and don't have anything to do with the virtual gamepad. Besides that whether I have the settings for the virtual gamepad turned on or off on my phone it'll be persistent between closing and opening the app. So it seems to me that there must be some file that is being changed but I have no clue where it could be. It isn't in the android folder.

I have also tried a few other things such as on the android phone when you open a game and then press the button to view the recent apps and then return to dolphin emulator it will show the swipe down settings. Unfortunately that doesn't work with the Mirage Solo either (at least the way I tried it didn't work). The last thing I tried was installing a button remapper, a sidebar app to quickly switch apps, and an app that opens the swipe down bar. Once again the Mirage Solo surprised me with it's inability to do what I desired. The sidebar apps and the button remapper apps (and possibly the swipe down bar app) don't work properly on the Lenovo Mirage Solo (it seems that the accessibility settings is different for the Mirage Solo).

I would really like to get rid of the virtual gamepad and have this working because the experience of playing games with virtual buttons covering the screen is terrible for me, but I'm out of ideas. Any help is appreciated.

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