Phone: Samsung Note 8

So I like to download pictures from different apps on my phone and send them to people via google's android messages app. Currently when I tap the button next to the text entry, the images it provides are only Screenshots and photos taken with the camera.

I would like to add several device folders to this list so I can more easily send images downloaded from other apps.

The only solution I have found so far is by enabling the backup & sync feature in google photos for the device folders I want to add. This adds those device folders to the Google photos library which seems to be where Android messages is getting the list of pictures to quickly share.

However this is a bad solution, because I don't want to keep a backup of randomly downloaded photos and memes as that is valuable space in my google photos library that I would rather not waste on these images.

Currently I'm just deleting all the unwanted photos that get backed up every couple of weeks but this is not a permanent solution.

Also, yes there is the gallery button where I would be happy to just quick jump to the folder I want, but you can only select one image to share at a time this way, forcing you to tap the gallery button and then the files button for each image you want to send. But the worst part is, the folders always default to being sorted by name in descending order. So to find the most recently downloaded image, I have to change the sort type to "modified" AND change the sort order to Ascending to get the most recent download. I have yet to find a way to change the default sort order. And again, if you want to send more than one image, you have to do all of the above steps for each image. Better to just batch delete at that point.

So I would like a way to either add device folders to the images shown when you go to share an image in android messages, or a way to add a device folder to the local Google Photos library without backing them up.

(ps can someone make an android messages tag?)

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