I have a brand new Galaxy M10 and Xiaomi Pocophone F1.

When I connected Galaxy M10 device to my Huawei MiFi router (I'm using this router over 2 years), it shows my location is "Laos", but this is completely incorrect. I live in Sri Lanka. But other devices, including Pocophone F1, Windows 10 laptop and OnePlus 3T all are showing correct location.

When I disabled Samsung Galaxy M10 WiFi and/or switch to another WiFi network, it again shows correct location. How do I correct this error.

  • There are two possibilities for identifying the location: First there is a database (or to be precise there may be more than one different database) of Wifi access points (their MAC address) and their location. Second there is a database that correlates public IP addresses with providers and locations. Based on your description it is unclear which device uses which option. – Robert May 19 at 17:16

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