I had to edit a WebView app for client, there's a link in the app for another android app on google play which has this schememarket://details?id=.....

When I open the link from the app, I get the error err_unknown_url_scheme.

How can I resolve this issue? please guys be descriptive I've no experience in Android whatsoever.


When WebView throws that error, as I understand it it's due to the bolded part of the URL:


  • If you are able to do so, you can try copy & pasting the URL directly into a browser rather than opening through the app.
  • Some apps have an option to let you choose whether to use external browser / applications to open particular links / files.
  • In other cases, I've seen instances where updating a particular app will fix it, e.g., when the cloud save feature is hosted by Facebook.

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