I have a brand new unlocked Huawei honor 10 lite that can send/receive texts and use data but it cannot send or receive any calls. It gets stuck on dialing out, without a dial tone, and then after 30 seconds the phone ends the call. I went through my service provider and they told me it's not on their end, and it's not the sim card because the Sim card works in other phones.

I did a factory reset and a data cache wipe, but the phone still can't make or take calls. Is there something I missed inside Android before I report a bricked phone (I got the phone from Newegg so it should be a legitimate phone) . I want to exhaust all options as this was supposed to be a gift.

Im from the United States of America, but i wouldn't think that is a issue since my phone is a Honor 10 and it works fine.

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