My journey started when i decided to start playing around with things that i don't have experience with. I tried to enable usb debugging by flashing some file with Odin that was supposed to enable it but the phone started rebooting. Then i red how to fix it and i downloaded stock rom and i flashed it but this stuck me to the startup logo. I tried a software that was supposed to fix bricked phones FonePaw (Might be a scam programme but clearly did something because the phone tried to start with recovery mode). Then i tried to flash another rom because i thought that the first one might be bugged but the problem is still there. I also tried to flash TWRP but it didn't worked (Odin finished successfully but i couldnt use it). Now i'm at stage where the phone is stuck to startup logo. I can't go to recovery mode but download mode is still working. I have no experience with this so i'm wondering if it's even possible to fix the phone. Thanks in advance!

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