Ive tried lots of things to get an external wifi card to power on but no luck so far. These are the things i have tied:

  1. Rooted the 6p (via supersu)
  2. Downgraded os to 7.1.1 (Nougat) using nethunter-generic-arm64-kalifs-full-rolling-2019.03-13-0514
  3. Flashed kernel (kernel-nethunter-angler-nougat-2019.03-13-0514) via twrp
  4. Success with kali chroot
  5. Installed kali nethunter metapackage
  6. Successfully updated and upgraded os (apt-update && apt-upgrade)
  7. Ensured driver installed (apt-get update && apt-get install firmware-atheros)
  8. Tried multiple OTG connectorsOTG cbales tried
  9. Tried a y-cable connector with anker power cell to phone to cell to wifi NIC
  10. Installed Andrax (https://andrax.thecrackertechnology.com/) but had same issue with no power.
  11. Tried multiple wifi NIC's - with lsusb output (see images)TL-WN722N036H036nhz

Ive read about modprobe but am unsure about how to use it to fix this issue. Also i have read that i may be to change the os to something else (8.0 nethunter-generic-arm64-kalifs-full-rolling-3.20-20170903-2143)

Any ideas or can someone tell me what version of os and kernel they are using with success with an external wifi NIC.

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