I bought a Samsung Galaxy on an auction website, with no clear indication of where it comes from.

Now, to root the device or restore it, I need its Country Specific Code.

Question: How do I find the CSC of my device?

What I tried

  1. Installed the Phone Info SAM app by vndnguyen.
  2. Ran it (works even without root).
  3. Opened the CSC CODE tab.
    • Product Code ends with TPA (Panama)
    • Firmware's CSC Code is DBT (Germany)
    • Active CSC Code is TPA
    • Available CSC Codes lists about a hundred codes.

Some website claims to find your CSC from your IMEI number by taking the 7th and 8th digits, which for me are 10, which supposedly means Finland.

That's many different codes, so I am not sure which one I should use. Or maybe both of these methods are actually completely wrong?

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Some websites claim to find your CSC from your IMEI number, but I doubt them. This method looks more reliable:

  1. Install the Phone Info SAM app by vndnguyen.
  2. Run it.
  3. Open the CSC CODE tab.
  4. The Active CSC Code is the code you need.

It works even without root.

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