I have a Chinese TV-Box (ARM based running Android 4.4) that has no input for microphone. I decided to buy a USB sound card so I could extend its capabilities. After inserting the sound card into a USB connector I remarked that not only the input but also the output would be redirected automatically through it. How can I change back the output to go through the build-in HDMI? I would like to have use the TV speakers and no, the analog path is not an option. The device is rooted and I can edit the configuration files (if there are any) using a terminal window, but I do not know what file to overwrite with what values. I have some experience with Windows and Linux, but Android looks quite cryptic to me. I found a file (/etc/audio_policy.conf) that contains some settings, but do not know if this the file I need to modify and how. If this is the file in question, I can post its contents, but it looks to me that the configuration is correct, despite the unwanted results.

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