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I'm looking for an app that I can use to draw on the screen while other apps are open. I've seen on this site mentioned in a old post an app Ink Over App, but the link is dead and the app isn't available in Google play store.

Would anyone know of an app like this?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Thanks I will look into this for the future. The reason I asked again was since this was a very old question and the app given there in the answer isn't available anymore. – Sruly May 23 at 18:12

If you are looking for a sketching app I can recommend PaperColor. It is like painting with brush and watercolors. You can find it on play store. It has good reviews also and it is completely free.

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    Sruly is not looking for a generic painting app, but for an app that uses a transparent overlay where you can paint and at the same time see the underlaying next app running. – Robert May 22 at 11:22

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