Have android in car entertainment unit in my car and am used to making SD cards which I then load onto my unit and play whilst driving. All SD cards are loaded via my PC from Windows Media player.

Just recently loaded another SD in exactly the same way, all files are MP3 sound format as before, but only one track will play, all other tracks come up as "Wrong file or audio format"!!

Totally stumped what's gone wrong?

  • Bad SD card - try different SD card (how many cards have you tried), or bad connectors on unit. – Morrison Chang May 22 at 15:25
  • 1
    The file extension of your files is .mp3 but may be wrong. Most likely it is in FLAC, AAC or M4A format. A lot of players don't care about such files with wrong names if they support the format. However your car entertainment unit seems to be limited to MP3. Alternatively the file-name may contain special characters or umlauts which can cause problems. – Robert May 22 at 17:12
  • That makes a great deal of sense. Is there any way that I can ensure that all music files on SD card are MP3? – caskin May 23 at 11:30

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