I would like to monitor the FS on my Galaxy S8 phone. I am using Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS with adb to connect to my samsung. In my Ubuntu environment, i entered the following command: make android NDK_ARCH=arm64 ANDROID_API=26

I then received the following response:

for a in arm84; do \

if [ -z ""]; then \

./android-shell.sh $a \

make aagt21compile ANDROID_API=26 NDK_ARCH=$a ; \

else \

make aagt21compile ANDROID_API=26 NDK_ARCH=$a ; \

fi ; \


Building android locally with NDK instead of dockcross......

Invalid path in NDK environment, please change me.

Makefile:166: recipe for target 'android' failed

make: *** [android] Error 1

I am unable to take a screenshot of the error as my ubuntu computer doesn't have internet and I am quite restricted at my workplace in terms of transferring stuff from development to internet laptop.

I have installed Android NDK using sudo apt-get install google-android-ndk-installer

Please help!


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