I just recently got the new pixel 3 and have loved the phone from stem to stern but I have this huge issue with it. Since I turned it on and ported all my contacts, photos, etc over it has not loaded all my apps. I found out this was because it has been installing system security updates non-stop for over 24 hours now, rendering it basically useless.

I can't use this phone in this state. I've tried clearing the google app cache and storage and it keeps on chugging through security update to security update. I can't even tell how many it has completed or has yet to do because it has no indication of how many are left, at all. All I can see is the current update's progress. I've had to reboot the phone twice this morning just for the security updates.

Is there a way via rooting the Pixel 3 or entering developer mode, or just some setting i overlooked that I can tell the system to stop updating so I can have a useable phone? Or am I up a creek.

  • If it is acting like that, something is wrong with the device. Return it. – user202027 May 23 at 12:55

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