I have two Samsung Android devices, both running Oreo. On both devices I observe that when I send an e-mail with the Samsung Email app ("Email") it sends the text out in two MIME-parts, both UUENCODEd: One is text-html and is as expected. The other is text-plain, and has all line-endings removed (NOT converted to spaces) so that multiple lines become one long run-on line.

Normally this is not a problem. Nine out of ten e-mail receivers seem to use the correct text-html, and ignore the text-plain. It is a problem for me mainly on one mailing list where the list software (LSOFT LISTSERV 16.0) ignores the text-html and forwards the text-plain, so my posts look like they were composed by someone who did not know how to use the Return key.

Any comments? Any explanations? Anyone know any way to obviate this behavior (other than switching to a different e-mail program)?

The problem happens equally in Rich Text or non Rich Text mode.

I don't find any complaints when searching the Web, so it seems like the problem must be unique to me, but I don't see any remotely applicable configuration options.

SMTP, for what it's worth. Have not tested IMAP.

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