I need to store on an android tablet or phone some big file : about 30G. To be read by an app as a database.

but because of Fat32 simple copy just fail after 2G.

Could I format my external SD under linux ext2 ? is NTFS format recognized ? Do I have a chance to carry such a file on an external SD ?

  • Generally this is not possible, external storage in most android versions and devices must be Fat32... Can you be more specific as to the device and Android version? – acejavelin May 24 at 1:55
  • hi, I am not locked in a device or android version. I need to use kiwix with some ZIM database on some place were no internet is accessible. I can chose a stecific device but I can not reduce the size of the ZIM. – dominix May 24 at 2:29
  • rooted phone can mount ext4 formatted MicroSD Card – alecxs May 24 at 20:28
  • nice @alecxs , I am not sure a rooted device will fit. still need a hardware guarantee – dominix May 24 at 20:45
  • i can only guarantee its definitely not possible without modifications. the phones internal storage however can be extended with external sdcard (adoptable storage) but you must not remove this sdcard – alecxs May 24 at 20:59

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